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Chinchillas found in South Africa are known by their scientific name of Chinchilla Lanigera. Chinchillas originated in the Andes mountains of South America, up to 5000m in altitude.

Chinchillas are rodents. The word rodent and rodentia are devired from Latin word rodere, which means “to gnaw” . It refers to a rodent’s need to chew on hard objects constantly to keep their teeth from growing to long. In the eighteenth century chinchillas were hunted for their luxurious fur, and this made them face extinction in the wild. Laws were instated and the ban on hunting chinchillas was instituted. Today they are amongst the most popular exotic pets to keep.

The name chinchilla originated by the Quechuan, experts believe that the name chinchilla is phoenetic rendering of the Quechuan word chin, meaning “silent” and sinchi, meaning “courageous” or “strong”.

Chinchillas weigh around 400g – 800g as adults although up to and over 1kg has been found and new born kits 35g- 70g. From the tip of their nose to the end of their rump an adult is around 26-32 cm in length and has a 10-13 cm tail. With a lifespan of 10-15 years (18-22 years has been recorded).

This is a long term commitment and please think carefully before purchasing your new family member. Chinchillas are found in a large number of colour variations:

The general coloration is bluish, pearl or brownishgray. Each hair usually has a black tip. Underside is a yellowish-white. Bushy tail covered with coarser hairs. Large mouse-like ears, large black eyes, and a small squirrel-like body. Fur is extremely plush producing more than 50 hairs per follicle. (Humans produce only 1 hair per follicle.) Small bare palmed forefeet with 4 digits. Elongated back feet are also bare soled with four weak claws and stiff bristles that may be used for grooming Standard Grey, Hetero Beige , Homo Beige, Light-extra dark ebony, Light-dark tan, Whites are found in a large variety eg. White mosaic, pink white, extreme mosaic, tan mosaic, golden/beige mosaic, ebony mosaic, touch of velvet mosaic (touch of velvet will be referred to from here as TOV). Then you also get your TOV Mutations known as eg. TOV Mosaic, TOV Ebony, Black velvet, Brown Velvet and so on and then the violet and sapphires.

In other countries you will find a larger variety of colours available like Blue Diamond and gold Bar and many more. Then not to forget about the Anogora Chinchillas, Which has quite a longer fur length than the chinchilla Lanigera . the Curly or Rex or Locken chinchillas which has n curl in their coats.

Chinchillas are mainly nocturnal but they do tent to be awake in daylight hours to forage for food and so. Females can be very aggressive towards members of either sex, especially within captivity. Serious fighting is rarely seen the wild; however, growling, chattering the teeth, and urinating express aggression.

Reproduction in Chinchillas Sexual maturity reached at approximately 8 months. Breeding season lasts from May to November with a gestation of 111 days as a norm but can be (108-118). Usually 2litters a season, however, on average only 1 to 2 offspring are normally produced in a litter. Newborns weigh about 35 grams each and are fully furred, have their eyes open and are active. They nurse 6-8 weeks.